Top 3 Reasons Why Dash Is Different

self.dashpay1m ago
Number 1 Trustless layer 1 yield is a true innovation made possible thanks to Dash. This is possible as a Masternode owner. Yield without custodian risk, rug pulls or insolvency is true innovation and I'm sure not enough people understand how important this really is. Number 2 Bitcoin is decentralized but not autonomous since nodes, developers, marketers, etc. aren't internally paid. It's not an organization because it can't come together as one. Dash is a functioning DAO. The Dash network funds the development of the project in a competitive and decentralized way. Dash issues monthly decentralized project and development financing to those who add value to the network via block rewards. This is completely decentralized as 4k+ nodes vote on everything. The true innovation is not only are miners rewarded from block rewards but so are, masternodes, devs, promoters, etc who are all internally paid. However, it's still possible for the Dash Organization to can come together as one to make decisions "officially". Number 3 Finally, The DIF (Dash Investment Foundation) is one of the truly ground-breaking innovations of Dash. Via the DIF, Dash is the only crypto project that can legally own assets in a decentralized manner. The DIF is truly revolutionary as it's an anonymous organization that can invest and own property on behalf of the Dash network. In conclusion, Dash development is paid directly from the blockchain and is not dependent on donations, foundations, or any third party. In my eyes, the only cryptos that will be able to compete with Bitcoin will be ones that will continue to innovate and make adoption easier for the average user. They will need new features to continue to grow and the message needs to be communicated effectively to a wide audience. This is why I view the Dash self-funded DAO so highly.