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The scammers (think they) are getting smarter: Someone hopes to steal 10 Dash from the DAO Treasury with a trick question

Another random nobody with a new username crops up and asks [whether Fernando Gutierrez should remain Dash Core CMO.](https://www.dashcentral.org/p/fernando-cmo) The question is deliberately structured in a way as to trick MNOs to vote yes, since Fernando is well respected within the community. If the proposal passes the proposal owner receives a one time payment of 15 Dash. And right there is the fatal flaw of this failed trick: It's well established practice of our 4 year old Dash DAO that **HONEST** governance proposals **never** seek any profit when asking their question to the community. The moment someone asks for more than 5 Dash (to reimburse themself on the proposal fee) it can no longer be regarded a governance question but a mere **funding proposal**. The question asked becomes completely irrelevant. All the MNOs vote on from that moment on is whether to give that person (in this case a net 10) Dash or not. Nothing else. Nobody is instructed to do anything from this proposal no matter the outcome as the PO seeks to *enrich themself personally* **through the community's approval of another individual.** I know you're reading this "realist", but there's nothing realistic about believing we'll blindly trust you to pay back funds you're asking for for no legitimate reason whatsoever. **EDIT**: Just to clarify my point here: This is not about me being stingy about 10 Dash. This is about: a) sending a signal and b) more importantly saving 15 Dash for a proposal owner **who actually needs and deserves this money.** Especially considering our small time 3rd world POs.
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