The Ongoing Security Breach at Must End Now

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The Ongoing Security Breach at Must End Now

Once upon a time, former DCG CEO Ryan Taylor appointed a man named Fernando Gutierrez to be Chief Marketing Officer for DCG. No one was really sure why, but so it goes.

While serving as CMO of DCG, Fernando was approached by a non-DCG employee named Mark who claimed that he wanted to start a news service under the domain.

Given that Fernando had not thought to do any kind of news service himself (whoops), and given that he is a generally agreeable person, Fernando agreed to Mark’s request and gave this non-DCG employee publishing rights at the newly-created extension

At some point, Fernando or someone else at DCG also gave Mark the email account [email protected].

Fast forward to today.

Ryan Taylor is gone. Fernando Gutierrez is gone. Any semblance of oversight of the information sent out from [email protected] or the content published at is now wholly absent, if it ever existed at all.

What’s more, there has been no Treasury proposal made by Mark to support the ongoing operation of for something like a year now, so not only is there no clear DCG approval of his web and email access privileges, but there is also no clear DAO approval, either.

In other words, Mark currently has — and exercises — the ability to email whomever he chooses from an official email address. He makes whatever claims to email recipients that he chooses, and represents himself with any self-assigned job titles that he chooses. He then backs up his claims and titles by publishing whatever he chooses at

All with zero oversight.

I was recently told the following story over the phone by DCG CFO Glenn Austin:

About a month ago, Mark’s access to [email protected] was revoked by DCG Head of Business Development Ernesto Contreras as well as then-Chief Operations Officer Robert Wiecko.

Upon learning of the revocation, Mark contacted the only two board members that DCG has left: Glenn Austin and DCG CTO Sam Westrich. Glenn and Sam then overturned Ernesto and Robert’s action and restored Mark’s access to [email protected], and the publishing rights on continue, as well. communications like emails and web posts are just as important as code when it comes to security and quality, and thus should undergo no less oversight and care.

I demand immediate remedy of the ongoing security breach of