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📣 Special Announcement - ReadyRaider eSports gaming platform partners with Dash as exclusive form of payment!

ReadyRaider is an eSports platform that provides critical tools to players of popular eSports games as well as hosting tournaments. The platform launched with support for World of Warcraft (WoW) where players are able to use the platform to create a guild, keep track of their roster, and most importantly, track in-game loot and events. When a guild (a group of players organized to coordinate together on various activities) performs a “Raid”  for example, defeated enemies drop items that are collected by individual players within a guild. Before ReadyRaider, players used outdated and vastly unfunctional or unfair systems to distribute the value of those assets. ReadyRaider has changed the game for raiders. This has been evidenced by 5,000 users joining the platform within the first 3 weeks of operations, a recent announcement that ReadyRaider is now an officially licensed Blizzard tournament organizer, and the rapid popularity the platform experienced with online gaming media sources.

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