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Pre-Proposal: Exchange Listing Incentivie Program (not my pre-proposal, just worth looking at)

Problem Statement: DASH is more difficult to buy than Bitcoin or Ethereum due to being listed on fewer exchanges and with fewer fiat on/off ramps. This program provides incentives to exchanges to help close this gap. Proposal Description and Goal: The purpose of this program is to make DASH more widely available around the world by increasing the number of exchanges where it is offered. This infrastructure program will help lay the groundwork for Evolution. Proposal Owner: Allow me to introduce myself. I've been into crypto about 2 years and am a reformed Bitcoin maximalist. I got bitten by the DASH bug recently because of all it's great features and all of the governance problems I see with Bitcoin. I bought my first DASH last month and wish to jump right into the community by submitting my first funding request!

I'm writing under a new handle DashDude, but for full transparency my name is Steve Dussault. I'm an experienced professional working as a Sr. Product Manager in heavy industry with many years of blue chip company experience. I have extensive experience introducing new products worldwide and working with programs to increase market share.

My LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/steve-dussault-10630a18/ Email: [email protected]

Program Scope: New DASH/Fiat pair exchange listings in key Asian, American and European regions and currencies including the USD, CNY, KRW, EUR and JPY.

Eligible exchanges were selected by volume share and regional & fiat currency coverage. Incentives are designed to be competitive in nature. The earlier claimants for each region receive payouts that are larger than later claimants as indicated below.


Coinbase, GDAX, Gemini

1,000 DASH for first exchange listing and 500 DASH for second and third exchange listing


OKCoin, Yunbi, Huobi

1,000 DASH for first exchange listing and 500 DASH for secon...

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