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New ASU Blockchain Lab Research Shows Dash Can Easily Scale Near PayPal Levels

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New research from the blockchain research laboratory at Arizona State University (ASU) shows that the Dash network can scale on-chain to over half of PayPal’s current transaction levels with ease.

The newly-released research paper, titled Block Propagation Applied to Nakamoto Networks, explores the viability of scaling the Dash network to mass levels on-chain primarily through increasing the block size. The paper specifically explores propagation techniques to minimize the orphan rate at high levels:

“We found that xthin block propagation can support the Dash network with a capacity at least an order of magnitude larger than the original Dash protocol. We expect that compact blocks can also support this capacity. However, compact blocks seem to not work as well at larger block sizes. We also found that traditional block propagation ran into two limits at scale. One limit involving economic considerations of miners and another limit where the network became unstable.”

The research concluded that Dash can easily scale to 10mb blocks with only a 0.1% orphan rate. Dash’s block interval is 2.5 minutes, compared to Bitcoin’s 10, making this block size roughly equivalent to a 40mb block size for Bitcoin. According to the paper’s co-author Dr. Darren Tapp, this would increase Dash’s capacity to rival major global payment networks:

“10MB blocks would be able to process around 120 tx/sec. This is just over half of what PayPal processes on average.”

The Bitcoin network currently processes around 2.3 transactions per second, while Ethereum processes around 8.7. The Dash network is currently well below capacity at around one transaction per five seconds.

Paper validates on-chain scaling, shows Dash can scale to mass payment network levels

The ASU paper on Dash block propagation shows the long-term viability of an on-chain scaling...

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