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How do you buy your Dash? Looking for a pretty anonymous way to buy or sell Dash? Since the beginning of 2017 there has been a “local bitcoins for Dash” AKA Dashous

Dashous – Like localbitcoins, for Dash  Owner: brettclanton001 – 191 Dash @ $11.62 = $2,220 (added on 2016-10-10)  Votes:  955 Yes / 57 No / 0 Abstain forum pre-proposal Dashpay announcement

From Brett Clanton’s original proposal: started in 2012 before the massive bubble and MtGox implosion.  It was a way to connect with other bitcoiners and exchange other currencies for bitcoin.  A simple and reliable service.  Who knows where Bitcoin would have been without it. I am proposing to create a site called Dashous that will start out in a similar way.  It will be a place to post and respond to ads with the intention to meet in person and exchange other currencies for Dash.  Think the simplicity of Craigslist meets the reputation system of Ebay.  It will be Open Source, completely Dash-focused, and free-to-use.

Many of the comments in the proposal centered around the name “Dashous” Brett explained it here:

The name itself came from a combination of the word “Dash” and “Righteous”.  Righteous is a word that Amanda B Johnson says a lot, and it seemed fitting since this whole thing was her idea.

The new site was introduced on the Jan 4th edition of Dash Detailed In the proposal Brett set out a detailed analysis of what would be in the “MVP” (minimum viable product) and estimates of the time required – he is a seasoned software professional so seemed to know exactly what he wanted to accomplish and how to get there. Dashous is open source software and you can find the code on github.

I searched for listings in Florida where I live and found 3 but they are several hours from where I live.

Once you click on one of the listings you get this detail:

I find it to be an easy to use and attractive s...

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