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Leah Stella Stephens AKA stellabelle Proposals Review

Stellabelle came to Dash as a super energetic person that joined in on the DashNation slack with lots of great ideas and the energy and drive to work on them.  She seems to have disappeared quietly but has left a lasting body of work and I think a few new people that may be long term Dashers.  She has been on social media for a number of years with popular Steemit, Medium and YouTube channels.

DASH For Newbies Blog And Video Series Owner: stellabelle One-time payment: 25 DASH  (added on 2017-03-17) Votes: 629 Yes / 45 No / 26 Abstain  Pre-proposal thread

OVERVIEW: 3 articles written per week and a total of 3+ YouTube videos. The videos will be put on my existing Stellabelle YouTube channel in a folder named DASH For Newbies. I’ll be doing social media as well. DETAILS ABOUT BLOG SERIES Leveraging my existing follower base on Medium and Steemit, I will write 3 Dash articles per week and post them to my accounts. Some of them will also be published in the Hackernoon Magazine which has 83K followers, since I’m already a contributing writer. [Followers on Medium: 1300, Followers on Steemit: 1890]. These will be shared on Twitter, and I’ll create weekly Twitter Moments from notable DASH posts.

Stellabelle intro video about her first proposal.

There is a “Dash for Newbies YouTube playlist” which is a series of 12 videos about Dash and contests she ran to get people involved.

There is also a Dash for Newbies series on medium.com which includes a series of interviews with “Women of Dash.”

This video is a first proposal wrap-up and intro to her next proposal

DASH FOR NEWBIES: Medium, YouTube + New Contests Owner: stellabelle – 35 DASH for 3 months totaling 105 DASH (added on 2017-04-20)  Votes: 836 Yes / 227 No / 16 Abstain  – Dash.org pre-proposal thread

DASH FOR NEWBIES Medium Publication: Write 25 engaging articles for DASH FOR NEWBIES and Hackernoon. Edit at least 3 articles from Dash community memb...
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