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Jerry Banfield Proposals Review

This is a story about someone that I think has a less than stellar reputation in the Dash community (no not CS ).  As someone that was pretty new during the ending of the relationship I can only look at the “aftermath.”  I think the issues mostly boil down to personality and temperament.  I may be treading in deep water here but not everyone fits into a specific community.  Dash doesn’t seem to be filled with “high strung, drama loving” folks and Jerry Banfield comes off as very high energy and admits to trying to add “drama” to his videos.

Jerry submitted seven different proposals for creating and advertising videos.  He was funded for 2 and while I don’t have the detailed results it looks like he got viewership levels that where at least as good as other similar proposals.  According to his reporting he spent most of what he received (or more) on Facebook and YouTube advertising.

Here is another marketing mystery. Does the audience attracted to different presenters have different value?  Is it possible that one person attracts short term speculators and another attracts longer term investors that see a valuable community?  If they each generate 100 new wallet downloads what are the long term results for Dash?  I know that my “confirmation bias” says the latter is much more valuable but that is based on my intuition not on facts.

Help Me Share Dash with Millions on Facebook and YouTube!  Amount: 497 DASH (added on 2017-01-09)  Votes: 40 Yes / 446 No / 0 Abstain  pre-proposal on Dash.org forum

Would you VOTE YES on this proposal help me use youtube.com/jerrybanfield and facebook.com/jbanfield and skillshare.com/r/jerrybanfield to SHARE MY EXCITEMENT ABOUT DASH with the millions of people watching my videos?  My vision is that YOUR YES VOTE will lead to the price of Dash increasing on average 1% DAILY as a result of newly funded Dash wallets and masternodes launched by my followers!  When you vote yes, I agree to menti...
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