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Is it time to talk about Marketing?

I've always believed that substance before hype is the way to go even in a market that has made a fair amount of Millionaires (more paupers) through the later. Some projects started off with grand plans but couldn't execute and bailed, others with grand plans with no intention of executing and bailed. Despite what some have said, Dash could never be accurately described as all marketing and hype. Have we done marketing? Yes but for some reason it has had no real effect. How can projects with weak fundamentals be marketed to the moon and Dash with strong fundamentals not respond to similar marketing? Am I been naive or missing something? Are resources been allocated as effectively as they might be? I think **Dash Force** does a great job keeping the community informed and wouldn't want them to disappear. However 220 (approx $12,000) Dash per month could be utilised in a better way. **Dash Core Group** have a Chief Marketing Officer? Wouldn't it be better for Dash Core Group to focus purely on coordinating development of the network and reporting back to the community. I would be interested to hear what the rest of the community think. Maybe it's not a marketing issue and we just need to relax and be patient but logic tells me that with all the progress we have made and continue to make in development we should have a marketing strategy in place to run parallel as the improvements are rolled out.
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