Introducing Dash Improvement Proposals, starting with 2MB Block implementation

5Y Ago
Hi everyone,

I'm pleased to announce the publication of our first Dash Improvement Proposal, aka DIP, related to the initial scaling of the network to 2MB blocks that was agreed by a network vote last year:

Modelled on the Bitcoin BIPs, we will follow a similar process and start to publish key future changes to Dash as DIPs to enable public peer review prior to implementation.

This is part of our transition to a more open and academic research & development process and we currently have a further 9 DIPs in draft form being prepared covering much of the Evolution architecture that we will publish over the coming months.

DIP 001 was authored by Darren Tap, who joined the Core Team recently. Darren earned his Ph.D. in 2007 studying Algebraic Geometry under Uli Walther at Purdue University. Since graduation he has taught mathematics at several colleges and universities, provided database guidance to a middle size company, and has been studying bitcoin since 2011.

Other core developers who contributed directly to DIP 001 are UdjinM6, Timothy Flynn, Ilya Savinov, Will Wray and Nathan Marley.

DIP 001 development is currently in progress for planned release in an update in early September.

@nmarley who led Sentinel development and is now an Evolution team lead will manage the DIP repository going forward.

Best, Andy Freer