I'm the head mod of r/eth and I have an idea to increase use of Dash and other coins


There is a lot of fighting between crypto projects but I feel like crypto will completely take over the world and there is enough room for multiple cryptos to thrive. So I had an idea for how communities from different coins can try out other crypto ecosystems and grow stronger together.

I was thinking we could do community sanctioned airdrops of our coins on each others blockchain. So for example we could airdrop "ethereum-D" to all holders of ethereum and airdrop it to them on the DASH blockchain. So holders of ethereum could try out DASH with their "ethereum-D". Having anyone that currently has some Ethereum being able to use an aidropped version of that on DASH could result in a lot of people being brought over to the DASH network and the price of DASH would increase. This could be one of the best ways to increase useage of the DASH network if the airdrop is sanctioned by a lot of members of the Ethereum community it could be a big success.

And we could do the reverse with Ethereum. Holders of DASH could be airdropped "DASH-e" and this could be used on the Ethereum network. all the pros I listed above would be relevant here as well.

Imagine if respected members of DASH said we're airdropping a DASH coin on Ethereum. A lot of people would use that coin. And imagine if respected members of Ethereum said we're airdropping an Ethereum coin on DASH, a lot of people would use that coin as well.

This could be a good good way for some cross chain collaboration and it could be a huge event in the crypto space, so what do all of you think? If anyone wants to be involved in this let me know.