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How to fix Dash's PR problem?

When you look at the fundamentals and features of Dash in an unbiased manner, Dash is clearly one of the strongest crypto's out there, and is the only crypto that is anywhere close to offering a complete solution. We brought more innovations to market than pretty much any other project (the first DAO, intantsend, privatesend, masternodes, governance, x11, dark gravity wave, Dash Ventures, etc, etc). And beyond the tech and organizational innovations, we sponsor libertarian and anarchist events, subsidize alternative media, have a strong presence in the cannabis industry, and are actually helping people who need it the most in places such as Venezuela and Africa. Our community is not only warm and welcoming, but also highly intelligent and mature. And I haven't even mentioned what Evolution is promising to do. We are exactly what Satoshi envisioned when he created bitcoin - a decentralized and immutable p2p payment system. So, why do we have such a bad reputation? Why are we still being trolled so many years after launch with absurd and childish claims of Dash being a scam? We've been very open about the instamine. Why are we being blackballed by the crypto new agencies? Someone posts a blatant hit piece on reddit that has been thoroughly debunked yet the post gets well over 200 upvotes? It makes no sense. How did we end up as the black sheep? More importantly though, how do we change this perception?
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