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Hi Dash, I am back with a few questions. Hook me up?

Hi Guys. I just gave a presentation on Dash. I got a few things wrong and I had some questions that I need to find the answers to. 1. I am told that in the start of Dash, masternodes were sold at auction, how much were they sold for? 1. How much space is there for regular payment cryptocurrencies? Like dash or BTC, or tether? 1. How much are dash miners making? How much are dash masternodes making? A week or a month? I know the make 1.5 Dash a block, but what does that average out to? 1. “Transaction locking is a concept where a client sends the network an intention to lock funds from a specific input to a specific output (or multiple of each). “ Does this mean if I have 100 Dash in one location, and I spend 50, that I can not use the other 50 until 6 blocks have been mined? 1. To make sure I understand transaction locking, a transaction is sent. The masternodes check the transaction is valid(Do I have the funds). After 60% of the masternodes have checked the transaction is valid it gets added to the block. Then the input for the transaction is locked until the block is mined? 1. What happens to instant send if the transaction limit is beyond 60 transactions a second?
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