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Exploring a potential solution for proposal fee solution. Fiat range bounded targets. Feedback requested.

In the future (an ideal world) we can likely leverage dashdrive to have an **automated** system that keeps the proposal fee at an appropriate value that blocks spam without creating unnecessary barriers to participating in the DAO treasury system. Until then, I think a potentially coherent solution is to instruct the core devs to keep the proposal fee within a USD bound that they manually update during their existing code release cycle. (If the USD price of Dash goes up they will lower the proposal fee priced in dash to fall within the range. If the USD price of Dash goes down they will raise the proposal fee priced in dash.) My questions to the community are; 1. Is there something I am over looking that makes this not feasible? 2. What should that dollar range bounding be for the proposal fee? That is the question for this poll. This is a non-scientific poll with overlapping answers. Some of the answers will indicate an interest in a low total proposal fee, others with a wide range. My hope is it will generate thoughtful conversation, not that it will immediately turn into guidance on a proposal for changing the fee. Anyone interested in fundraising dash for the ultimate proposal to lower the dash proposal fee can do so following the instructions in XKCD's dash forum post, [https://www.dash.org/forum/threads/pre-proposal-reduce-the-proposal-fee-to-1-dash.51329/#post-225480](https://www.dash.org/forum/threads/pre-proposal-reduce-the-proposal-fee-to-1-dash.51329/#post-225480) inb4 if you are going to try to gaslight, attack me, or use some narrative warfare against this post you will not be treated nicely. Participate in earnest, create your own hater post, or stfu. [View Poll](https://www.reddit.com/poll/mtwgki)
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