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DIF Quarterly Update

It has been a busy first quarter since the DIF was established. Below are some highlights and achievements during the last quarter: - DIF supervisor team elected by the network. - Weekly meetings between supervisors to assign tasks and manage progress. - Secured DIF related web/social media assets such as domains, social media handles, etc. - Developed [DashInvests.org](https://www.dashinvests.org) with internal skills and resources. This has cost the DIF zero, just a small hosting fee for continued operation and storage of backups. Future maintenance and updates will be done internally at zero cost if we continue to have the skills internally to do this. - Email, communications, and productivity solutions have been set up and configured. Again, this was done by existing internal resources to keep costs to a minimum. We are using GSuite for much of our internal communications/collaboration. This has a cost of around $6 per month per team member. - Creation of DIF Constitution document (viewable [here](https://docs.google.com/document/d/1TPewyoDtFf2LEmlvyZ8Lowu55U-P5USajGJNJNeQ5VI/edit)). - Poll conducted via DashWatch to give the DIF guidance on how to store funds received. The majority preference was to keep all DIF allocated investment funds in 100% Dash at this time. We will review this on an annual basis. - The DIF successfully submitted its first funding proposal last cycle and received the full ask of 512 Dash, approximately 9% of the treasury budget available. - Michael Lewis appointed Chair of DIF supervisor meetings, Amanda B Johnson appointed Secretary. Both roles are for a provisional 3-month period and are designed to help with the internal coordination and management of the DIF supervisor Team. These roles are voluntary and unpaid. - Three DIF supervisors attended the Dash Europe Convention in Zurich last month. After a short introduction from Fernando Gutierrez the supervisors conducted an extensive, unscripted AMA style Q and A session on-s...
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