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DashRoots Launches Crowdfunding Platform to Increase Funding Access, Go Language Dash Node to Increase Decentralization

DashRoots, just announced via their blog post that their platform has officially launched to help individuals and teams have greater access to funding by the Dash community.

Dash Force News caught up with Martin, one of the founders of Dash Roots about the project and other things they have planned.

“DashRoots helps people at the grassroots level bring their skills and talents to Dash by helping them crowd fund their ideas directly from the Dash community.”

Martin then added that “the Dash treasury is a key part of the network, enabling continued evolution, but is often too expensive to fund smaller ideas”. He differentiated that “DashRoots helps people raise smaller amounts to bring their ideas and skills to Dash at the grassroots level, where small things can turn into big things”.

Individuals will be able to “create a proposal at no cost directly from their account in DashRoots”, where it is live for the specified time period and anyone can donate to the proposal. Then as long as the proposal “received the required funding amount (or more) by its end time, the project receives the funds and work begins”. DashRoots requires that “proposals must include objective goals, and an estimate for delivery” and that “once the delivery estimate is reached, the proposal owner is asked to supply evidence of the successful delivery of their stated goals, and backers are then invited to vote on whether they agree that the project was delivered”. The DashRoots team hopes to parlay this into a reputation system to make “even more interesting ways the community can leverage trust among people building and those supporting them”.

Details of developing the projects

The Dash Roots team started over 14 months ago with a regular DAO Treasury proposal to the Dash network. They started off strong with “around 100 yes votes with just one or two no votes”, but they eventually did not get funded due to concerns around “releasing 6 months of ...

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