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Dash YouTube Marketing Campaign Proposal Update

I admit I don’t know much about advertising strategy and don’t like watching commercials.  But they are a fact of life in many forms of media. YouTube is famous for making us wait 5 seconds to see “Skip Ad” to get to the video we want. If I have not seen the commercial 100 times I usually sort of pay attention to that first 5 seconds which makes it a good advertising venue.

A team from Cape Town South Africa is working to deliver Dash commercials to people searching for cryptocurrency terms.  That important first 5 seconds shows the main attributes of Dash.  Instant and private transactions which make Dash better than Bitcoin.  If only they worked in cheaper.

Dash YouTube Marketing Campaign  Owner: bielie 55 DASH ($110.86/D) $6,100 (added on 2017-05-22) Votes: 749 Yes / 137 No / 44 Abstain forum pre-proposal

The same team has had a second proposal approved.

Project Jet Plane – YouTube Dash advertising campaign, 10,000+ views per day for 60 days. Owner: Pieter_Eralith 125 DASH ($193.96/D) $24,245  (added on 2017-06-20)  Votes: 750 Yes / 105 No / 34 Abstain

This is just the wireframe storyboard version of the new video as they are still working on the animation.

There were a lot of questions and comments in the discussions about Dash advertising on YouTube and what the message should be.  Pieter sums up their reasons for the campaign they proposed as follows:

Reasons for advertising on YouTube  It is incredibly cheap for the amount of exposure it gives, compared to other traditional forms of advertising. 1000 Views costs $50. Cryptocurrency video blogs in general fail to reach large audiences. “The Cryptoverse” is one of the best out there, and has been sponsored by DASH before. It gets mostly less than 5000 views per video, and it is probably always the same subscribers that watch. Most video blogs that cover non-Bitcoin cryptocurrencies may have one or two videos that break out of the ...

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