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DASH Quality Assurance

I know about Discover Dash and I verified all of the merchants they have listed for Venezuela, looked them up on Google Maps and forwarded that information to Discover Dash so that they could remove "permanently closed" places. This has already been part of the Quality Assurance that I have done for the DASH community free of charge, as I was personally interested in listing these merchants on Bitcoinmap and had done the work anyway.

Yes the merchants on http://bitcoinmap.cash a.k.a. http://coinmap.cash a.k.a. http://bmap.cash should most be active, the main difference to Discover Dash is that it is focused on needs of tourists, it lists Restaurants, Bars, Supermarkets, Shops, Hotels and Spas. It does also include BCH listings in regions where there are hardly any DASH listings available, but when it comes to BCH listings its hard to find any reliable source on the internet. Many of the listings are harvested from http://anpaymap.com or from the Food&Drink section on Discover Dash. There are also listings that have been added by me personally which are exclusive to this map as I personally onboarded these merchants.

I am about to release a DASH only version of that map, which will be available on http://dashtourist.com, ASAP.

The main difference to my approach is that I do not rely on the data submitted to me, I go and get the data myself, I go and observe and I go and test. Another difference to Dash Watch is that I will be currently focused on Venezuela and I will actually test the products. Dash Watch is mainly supervising processes but they do not actually have the time to go and investigate especially not in Venezuela. Dash Watch is already working at its limits and we surely need more processes that assure the quality, as we have seen that some proposals have delivered very questionable results even as Dash Watch has been active. As you might know, there have been proposal owners that simply submitted false data to Dash W...

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