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Dash is now more secure than Bitcoin with chainlocks

The Dash (DASH) network is now more secure than Bitcoin (BTC), according to several executives of the core team. An upgraded consensus protocol and instant-by-default transactions are expected give Dash significant advantages in user experience and the network’s utility.

Known as LLMQ-based ChainLocks, the upgrade uses masternodes to ‘lock’ new blocks, thereby preventing network forks or double-spends. Each successful block becomes immutable as soon as it is broadcast, making its transactions irreversible.

According to Fernando Gutierrez, Dash Core CMO, ChainLocks make 51% attacks and reorgs prohibitively expensive. “We don’t think that it makes sense to measure security in terms of hashing power, but in how much it would cost to make a successful attack,” he explained. “With that criteria, Dash is the most secure blockchain.”

Combined with LLMQ-based InstantSend transactions, ChainLocks allow Dash transactions to settle in seconds, allowing recipients to spend tokens as soon as they are received. Gutierrez believes this improved functionality will improve adoption as well as open up whole new use-cases.

One such area is remittances. “By being able to instantly re-spend the funds that you receive,” Gutierrez said, “things like remittances can be done with seconds’ notice, which is unthinkable with other remittance methods.”

It also plays right into Dash’s main userbase, which includes struggling economies such as Venezuela as well as migrant workers looking to send money to their home countries. Although still difficult to buy, Dash effectively provides a cheaper and faster alternative to traditional remittance solutions, like Western Union or MoneyGram.

Dash is not the only proof-of-work blockchain to offer improved network utility. Competing projects like Bitcoin Cash or Satoshi’s Vision have attempted faster transactions through measures like larger blocks or 0-conf transactions, but with mixed success.


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