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Dash is being restricted on exchanges!

Dash has a wealth of innovation, leading to a top-flight currency usage experience. Old-school confirmations, while still used for an extra layer of security, are no longer needed due to Dash's Chainlocks innovation. Exchanges refuse to recognize this, and make Dash play by the old-school rules when it clearly does not need to anymore. Enough is enough. Exchanges, enable Instantsend deposits and withdrawals for your customers! You wouldn't put a speed limiter on a Lambo, would you?#FreeDashChainlock information:https://blog.dash.org/mitigating-51-a...https://www.dash.org/2019/07/12/dash-...https://youtu.be/EDIfxfjbpkALambo vid: AUTOBAHN ACCELERATION TOP SPEED DRIVE & SOUND by AutoTopNL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DWWhz...--- DASH, THE DIGITAL ALTERNATIVE TO CASH ---Dash is a digital cash. It provides a way for people to maintain their economic freedom when powers seek to force people into trackable electronic transactions. Dash is a decentralized network, supported by a Peer-To-Peer network of servers worldwide. There is a limit to the amount of Dash that will ever be created, so no central authority will be able to print some and devalue your hard-earned money. It currently features instantly confirming transactions, allowing it to be sent and recieved anywhere in the world in seconds, no matter what time of day, for next to no fees. It also features optional private transactions, for those sensitive purchases. In the future it will offer savings accounts similar to banks.Dash is the complete package, and I urge you to download a wallet and let me know you did!Download a Dash wallet, and join Dash Nation. Wallets for your operating sys...

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