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Dash in 2020: 365 days of work for mass adoption in Venezuela - Dash Help Support & Training center brief year overview.

Dash Help Support & Training Center

Dash Help was born in 2018 exclusively to respond to technical support requests about Dash in Latam. But just like the cryptocurrency that has seen us born and grow, our team has evolved to respond to the growing interest in the crypto-ecosystem in Spanish, in particular, in the broken Venezuelan economy.

In 2020, the disruptive technology of the cryptocurrencies, — Dash in particular — proved its ability to respond to people’s needs. In view of this, the concern of hundreds of people was aroused, and therefore they decided to start their journey towards the digital economy, many of them by the hand of Dash Help. The usability and adoption of cryptocurrencies is simply happening!

Accompany, share and strengthen. These are some of the verbs made action that powered our team. We were together with users and merchants, presenting them the benefits and innovations of Dash through free advice.

We also organized activities where more than 1000 wallets were created, and consolidated the bond with the CommuniDash through constant communication, using mainly digital channels in these periods of crisis. If the year 2020 was hard, it is also true that these were 365 days of opportunities and achievements. And below we share some of the most important ones.

Introduction to the crypto world: services and video tutorials

The economic crisis that intensified in 2020 made people look at the cryptocurrencies to protect their savings, send remittances to their relatives abroad, find new ways to earn some money, and even to accept them directly as a method of payment in their businesses due to the problem of lack and inefficiency of cash — issue that affects the venezuelans on a daily basis — ; being overall Dash one of the favourites, mainly thanks to its speed, imperceptible commissions, security, and the existence of a support center to help in every stage of the adoption process.

On the other ha...

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