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Dash/Fiat Trading Pairs Added to CEX.io Exchange

Cryptocurrency exchange CEX.io has added Dash, including fiat currency trading pairs.

CEX.io is a UK-based cryptocurrency exchange with over one million users worldwide. With the new integration, Dash trading pairs have been added for USD, GBP and EUR, facilitating the buying of Dash directly for users around the world without having to first go through Bitcoin. According to Dash Core CEO Ryan Taylor, this addition is a particular achievement because of CEX.io’s selectivity:

“We are especially proud to see Dash added as the latest digital currency on CEX.IO’s platform, as they are very selective about the currencies they choose to add. For me, it further validates that Dash is now clearly among the few digital currencies that are relevant for consumers.”

CEX.io CEO Alex Lutskevych was impressed with Dash, particularly with InstantSend, which allows transactions to be confirmed instantly:

“It’s obvious that Dash matures fast. Most importantly, Dash’s InstantSend function is incredibly impressive; in my opinion it has already paved the way for and surpassed Bitcoin’s Lightning Network, which will allow for faster Bitcoin transactions to take place. Dash are true standard setters.”

New fiat gateways to simplify acquiring Dash

The addition of a new exchange assists in making Dash more independent from Bitcoin, and therefore more valuable, according to Lutskevych:

“The main deterrent of digital currency to typical investors is time and cost issues associated with access. To buy most digital currencies, people usually need to make a double exchange, for example; like fiat to bitcoin, and then bitcoin to Dash, and it can take an eternity for both transactions to settle. We have solved that dilemma. Greater access to Dash means more adoption, and more ways people can spend it on everyday goods and services or save it. More adoption means more popularity. And more popularity means more value.”

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