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Dash Digital Asset Update Report by Crypto Briefing: March 2019 upgrade!

Dash Market Opportunities

Cryptocurrency was one of the first and most popular applications of the blockchain technology, which led into this field becoming very competitive. Furthermore, different projects have specialized into various sectors, each focusing on a particular aspect or a feature. One of the major niches is the reserve asset space, where Bitcoin is the unquestioned leader. It is important to note that with the growth of the Lightning Network and the implementation of RSK, Bitcoin will close the gap with its nimbler rivals in terms of functionality. At the moment, this is not a major threat to Dash. While bitcoin will continue to improve in terms of usability given its status in the industry, capital distribution, and primary use cases, it is likely to remain a reserve asset for the industry much like gold is in the fiat universe.

The launch of Grin and Beam added excitement to the privacy coin space. The established leaders, Monero and Zcash continue to spearhead adoption and at this point Dash can no longer be lumped in with them. From a conversation with CEO Ryan Taylor we gathered that Dash doesn’t internally view itself as a privacy coin. The project aims to offer better privacy than Bitcoin, but is not going to chase the specialized coins. Dash is not looking at privacy by default, and with the extremely low amount transactions using the PrivateSend feature, that market segment appears to be out of reach for Dash.

The remittance space is also becoming increasingly competitive with the likes of Stellar and Ripple offering products and features that often surpass Dash in terms of cost and speed. The SendFriend project is a perfect example of XRP being used for instant cross border transaction that significantly reduce costs and waiting periods for users. Such applications should be a real concern for Dash. The project’s calling card has been its UX/UI, but the release of 3rd party applications that leverage coins such as XRP ...

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