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Dash Competitive Basket Index for Thursday, 19 March, 2020. We are not dead, and we are not a cat. Dash did very _very_ well today.

Dash screamed to the top of the charts today. We gained three ranks as well. We are not dead, and we are not a cat. And I’m just going to keep pounding on the idea that we do just as many transactions as Litecoin, and the trend is that we will pass Litecoin (see chart below). We are more secure than LiteCoin (thanks ChainLocks!). We have optional on-chain trustless privacy (thanks PrivateSend!), litecoin doesn’t. We are faster than litecoin (thanks 2nd layer InstantSend!). Historically, we have far more innovations (widely copied I might add) than litecoin. Go ahead, make a list of everything LiteCoin has invented. And we have far more active development today. Better governance, self funding, etc etc etc etc. And yet, litecoin has 4x our market cap, and is ranked 6th while we are at #20. This cannot be allowed. When the crypto market gains rationality, we will pass Litecoin…...mark my words. I’m not actually hating on Litecoin, there is room for lots of winners in the crypto sphere. Litecoin is not my enemy. But sooner or later, value has to reflect utility and usage. ​ 1. Dash outperformed 18 of the 19 cryptos listed above us on CoinPaprika (95% win rate). The 30 day SMA\* is 30.0% 2. Dash outperformed 10 of the 10 cryptos ranked below us (100% win rate). The 30 day SMA\* is 33.0%. 3. In total, Dash outperformed 28 of the top 29 cryptos (97% win rate). The 30 day SMA\* is 31.9%. 4. Bitcoin dominance gained 3/10’s to 63.7% 5. 25 of the top 29 cryptos beat Bitcoin (86%). 6. On the 7 day time frame, only 8 of the top 30 cryptos (27%) were in the green. Yes, Dash was leading the pack. 7. But on the 24 hour time frame, 27 of the top 30 (90%) cryptos were in the green. \* The 30 day SMA is the Simple Moving Average for the last 30 days. It is represented with the red line. The blue line is the daily Dash performance based on the price change over a one week period. (win rate, i.e. how many competitors we beat expressed as a perce...
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