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Dash Competitive Basket Index for Sunday, 12 January, 2020. Dash winning/crushing streak extends into day 13. And we gained another rank.

Dash continues to crush the competition. 13 days in a row with huge win rates. We gained another rank by passing the HedgeTrade coin. Now, only 40 million USD stands between us and Ethereum Classic. Once that swap takes place, we’re back in the top 20. The only thing we didn’t beat in the 20 cryptos listed above us was Bitcoin SV. I don’t trust anything Craig Wright is associated with and I would not be surprised in the least that SV is highly manipulated. Rant mode off…. ​ 1. Dash outperformed 19 of the 20 coins ranked above us (95%). The 30 day SMA\* is 48.7%. 2. Dash outperformed 10 of the 10 coins ranked below us (100%). The 30 day SMA\* is 50.7%. 3. In total, Dash outperformed 29 of the top 30 coins (97%). The 30 day SMA\* is 49.3%. 4. Bitcoin dominance remained unchanged at 67.6%. 5. 16 of the top 30 crypto projects beat Bitcoin (53%). Yes, Dash was among them. 6. 28 of the top 31 crypto projects were in the green (90%). \* The 30 day SMA is the Simple Moving Average for the last 30 days. It is represented with the red line. As always, this is not investment advise. This is presented for entertainment and educational purposes only. Do your own homework. Don’t trust some rando guy on the internet. All crypto is risky. Don’t invest more in crypto than you can afford to lose. [ \^ Dash vs the 20 cryptos listed above us. Still cruising in the stratosphere with 95% win rate. ](https://preview.redd.it/w3fpg05esca41.png?width=1702&format=png&auto=webp&s=7a1b75e24ead7274bc0027a01017df0d1d3f669a) ​ [ \^ Dash vs the 10 crypto listed below us. Speedometer is stuck at 100 mph win rate. ](https://preview.redd.it/h1uyqw7zsca41.png?width=1723&format=png&auto=webp&s=d018ac86550f48f94d7ef8a1b451cc89f40be8c2) ​ [ \^ Dash vs the top 30 crytos in the world. Same same, we're crushing everything except SV. But don't worry, Craig Wright and BitcoinSV, their day is coming. ](https...
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