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Dash Community Q&A - Q2 2020 Summary Call

Q: What is the current regulatory situation in Japan regarding Dash privatesend? How many exchanges trade Dash? Does DCG have a China strategy? What is DCG currently doing in Africa, Brazil, Mexico and Venezuela?A: (Glenn) So as far as the Japan situation goes, we are not listed on any of the exchanges in Japan. Dash Japan, which is headed by Yosuke Suda, was funded earlier this year to get Dash relisted in Japan, and so far he's been doing a tremendous job planning, strategizing and engaging with the Japanese regulators. Dash Core Group has been collaborating with him in terms of participating in these meetings. We've met with a number of regulators, lawyers and accountants, and have been plugged into conversations wherever and whenever Yosuke considers it appropriate. It has been a slow process, but we are moving along figuring exactly what it is that we need to do in order to get relisted. As I said, we're still (I would say) in the planning phases, so we haven't spent too many resources on the effort. So for example, Yosuke received roughly thirty thousand dollars to engage in the effort, and that's being held in escrow at Dash Core Group, and so far he hasn't spent a penny of those funds. So we at Dash Core Group will continue to support Yosuke. However, it is slow moving in that particular market, and I think in terms of his efforts to get us relisted in Japan, he'll probably take us into 2021. In terms of all the other markets, Ryan covered Dash Core Group efforts in Venezuela and Mexico, where there's been a lot of heavy lifting done in the past quarter. For Brazil and Africa, there are other teams in the Dash ecosystem that are focusing on those regions, and we at Dash Core Group don't want to spread too thin in terms of our focus or to interfere with the efforts of those other teams within that ecosystem. I'm not sure Ryan if you have anything to add along for those other regions, but that's my short answer to that question.A: (Ryan) The key for us is w...
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