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‪Dash Community Q&A - Q1 2020 Summary Call‬ ‪

Q: How important, do you think, is the ability to send Dash to usernames without first having to add each other to contact lists? If any, what are the obstacles that prevent you from having usernames as 'public tipping address' rolled out with the initial release of DashPay? (chinmi)A (Bob): I'll answer that as two separate questions. So, how important is it to be able to do that? We did not think that it was the most important to be able to pay to a username without having them be in a contact list. That's why we prioritized the workflows that have been set up, which is contacts, and contact list management is a separate function from the payment function. We have done that mostly to prioritize security, to make sure that we know that we have two parties accepting a contact request, and that we know that that user name that's in your contact list is somebody that you know. That obviously prevents you from inadvertently sending funds to a contact that you think the user name is kind of close but it's off by a character or something like that. We felt like that was the right prioritization of our MVP stories. But having an integrated user experience, where you could go in and say I want to make a payment to a username, and you put in e.g. demodash1 (as we saw earlier today), and it recognizes that that's not part of your contact list. It then sets up and does the same establishment from a security perspective to validate that user and have them accept you. Then again we're prioritizing security, but having a more streamlined UX there. So that was something that we didn't want to build into MVP, but will likely be a very fast follower for us. We think it's important but we didn't think that it was the most critical.As far as public tipping addresses go, really we have two things there. One is how do we tip? And can we do it in an easy manner and in a public manner. So obviously if developers want to put their public key address on a footer and say, hey send me a ti...
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