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Coinomi Ceases Updates on Upcoming Monero Integration, Cites Community Friction

Coinomi has announced that they will no longer provide any updates on the pending Monero integration, citing issues with more hostile elements of the community.

Multicoin wallet provider Coinomi began working on integrating support for Monero into their platform in late 2016. Since then, several updates have been issued while the project has taken longer than initially anticipated. This week, Coinomi published a blog post stating that they would no longer be giving updates on the future integration:

“This is the last public announcement we’re ever going to make regarding the progress of the development until the Monero integration is fully completed. From now on we’re not going to reply to any questions regarding this integration, neither make any comments other than prompt users to this post.

The reason given for this decision was alleged unpleasantness from the less well-behaved elements of the community, putting mounting pressure on Coinomi to finish the release:

“Ironies such as “Coming soon™” and a plethora of other stupid, nasty comments started reaching our media. It was exactly this that we wanted to avoid in the first place. These people point the finger to Coinomi while at the same time the[y] fail to acknowledge that it’s their hideous attitude that demotivates us and prevents us from going that extra mile to finish with the integration an hour earlier. What they also fail to acknowledge is that we have put a tremendous amount of time and effort into this integration and have used exclusively our own resources with no help from the community whatsoever to make this happen.”

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