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Business Integration Into Retail Sector of Ukraine - Dash Force News

This proposal is thinking big and seems to have a good plan to get there.  They have teamed up with the vendor of 80% of the retail POS systems in Ukraine to provide integration of Bitcoin and Dash into real brick-and-mortar businesses, starting with restaurants.

Business Integration Into Retail Sector  Owner: sm  255 DASH ($90.80/D) $23,154 (added on 2017-05-11) Votes: 839 Yes / 149 No / 16 Abstain  Dash.org forum pre-proposal comments further discussion here.

Dash proposal clarification video by Slava and Dmitriy

There was a lot of discussion about the Dash treasury funding “another” POS system, I think the proposers laid out their reasoning pretty well.  It seems the masternode voters agreed.  Building the software and integrating into the stores will be the easy part of this project. That is pretty much completed as seen in this video demo of the system. The hard part of the project is just starting – marketing to the retail stores and customers.  This is the classic chicken and egg thing – it doesn’t really matter which comes first you need both retail stores willing and able to take Dash and enough customers willing to spend Dash to keep the interest of the retailers.

From the demo video the “crypto payment module” they have developed seems to fit right into existing workflows – if employees use it everyday they will have no problem with training.  If only one crypto paying customer comes in each month it won’t go well.

I interviewed Dmitriy about the project. I know you are working with Profit Solutions – in a video you say they have 80% of the retail POS system market in Ukraine – how many actual locations is that?

I cannot tell the exact number of locations because we don’t have that data. The good thing is that Profit Solutions is run not only on restaurants terminals but also on cinemas, gas stations, coffee shops and other retail businesses.

Will they all have access to the “cr...

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