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Bitcoin fork failures to create an abundance of new Dash prospects

Bitcoin Cash is having quite a bit of trouble lately. It's emergency difficulty algorithm (EDA) isn't working correctly leading to oscillations and unpredictable blocks. This is hurting its already reduced price. BCH is now trading a little above $300 after dipping to $280 recently. The upcoming Bitcoin Segwit 2X fork looks like it will happen as 94.9% of hash power is still signaling for it. However, it may not end up with the economic majority. [Fork futures](https://www.bitfinex.com/stats) trading at Bitfinex show the legacy chain (BT1) leading the 2X chain (BT2) by a ratio of 4:1. Both Bitcoin Cash and Segwit 2X forks are symptoms of a dissatisfaction with Bitcoin core leadership and the small block "digital gold" philosophy. If both of these forks fail to claim the "economic majority" and become "Bitcoin" (which seems more and more likely every day) there will be a significant number of disgruntled Bitcoin big blockers that will throw in the towel and be looking for an alternative. Ideologically, Dash is probably the closest match to big block Bitcoin with Litecoin a distant second. I think when December comes Dash could do very well as significant parts of the Bitcoin community defect to other coins. BTC market cap is $80 billion. If 10% of the BTC market cap defects to Dash we'd see a HUGE jump as $8 billion in assets tries to find a home in a $2.3 billion Dash market. Strategically we should position our marketing message to capitalize on this opportunity and look for opportunities as a community to be welcoming to new Bitcoin defectors.
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You cannot buy any more, but you will be able to sell or hold them 👍— Uphold (@UpholdInc) September 28, 2021