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A call for donations to fund Dash Nigeria for December 2019

Dash Nigeria has not been funded lately, November/ December 2019. Though operating in a deficit, we'll like to continue our work for Dash this month, albeit at a reduced level, we are seeking 40 Dash/ $2,000 in order to cover absolute basics, such as the continuation of our helpline and support program for merchants and users, ongoing social media presence, office and administration expenses, industry events attendance and logistics. Continuation of our work is crucial so we do not leave our merchants, partners and users stranded. It'll also continue our activities on a reduced scale till we get inproved funding. We are receiving donations at the same address as our proposal here: Xk8eio4xTxiKWtwD7hbjfDAtz87FFhf5EZ [Donation link](http://insight.dash.org/insight/address/Xk8eio4xTxiKWtwD7hbjfDAtz87FFhf5EZ) We'll also appreciate your feedback to building a Dashy Nigeria. Nathaniel Luz, Lead, Dash Nigeria
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