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0% House Edge Gambling Is Easy With Dash

July 13, 2017

July 13, 2017   —   Updated September 21, 2017

Executive summary

Dash gambling sites can make a profit offering 0% house edge gambling by using part of the players’ deposits as masternode collateral [1][2]. The sites would break even on the betting and make a profit from the masternode rewards. This can be done with little effort and no additional risk.

This is a chance for Dash to leverage the rewards in the masternode system to offer a unique and attractive service that would give a lot of people a compelling reason to acquire and hold Dash. Therefore driving Dash price and adoption.

0% house edge gambling is a big deal How Dash can do this Notes on masternode collateralization Challenges and threats Exchanges can offer free Dash trading 0% house edge gambling is a big deal

A good 0% house edge gambling product is the most sought after, elusive and mythical creature in the gambling industry. Betfair tr...

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