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Mid Month Update - Burn Event Announced

Mid Month Update

Hey everyone! Not a regularly scheduled post. I just wanted to quickly put out a few important news updates about Darcrus.

Milestone achievement for April complete! Mercury is now publishing Jupiter’s block hashes on Waves’ public blockchain. Cross-chain communications and collaborations will be an important capability for Jupiter’s and cryptocurrency in the future. As noted on our Twitter feed, Changelly added Darcrus to their exchange! Now you are able to buy Darcrus directly with fiat using a credit card! Burning event on May 7th! The actual time or amount will NOT be announced. I will feed the BTC into the bot and it will market buy sometime that day. I will post the transaction details of the burn on all Darcrus social media outlets. The burn will take place on the Nxt blockchain, just as I burned the SIGFARM liquidation. All Mercury has been distributed from the airdrop or forfeited as stated in March’s update. No more messages will be processed.

Just a needed update since Mercury cross-chain comms was an April 2017 roadmap milestone. Next up, dAppsheet v1 :)

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