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March Update

March Madness!

Howdy! Time for March Madness for the NCAA tournament! But, you are here for some Darcrus news, aren’t you. As you all know, I’ve been working hard at building a product to bring Jupiter to the business sector. There is a lot to pack in, so let’s begin!

I’ve started putting the repositories in the Sigwo Technologies’ Github. I am hopeful Jupiter v1.0 will be released later this week as an open source base application. I’ll be moving the dAppsheet repository (open sourced template) as well to its new home. As I’ve stated in Slack, there is no public value in Jupiter tokens. The tokens are strictly used to power the subscriber transactions to be added to the Jupiter Nodal System. Sigwo Technologies and the subscribed organizations and businesses will run the Jupiter Nodes.

I’ve put my money where my mouth is….Sigwo Technologies has our first subscriber, EC Cyber Security (ECCS)! ECCS has seen the value of Jupiter’s Titan software to enable storage of their log and compliance data. I am in final talks with Jayme to hammer out the annual contract pricing for engineering, installation, and support. In talks, ECCS has also expressed their interest in becoming a partnered reseller of Jupiter technology to their customers and subcontracting Sigwo Technologies for subject matter expertise, installation, training, and maintenance of the software. This is a huge step for Sigwo Technologies, Darcrus, and Jupiter’s blockchain technology.

I am finalizing the pricing model for software, services, and support with input from ECCS and other online sources. The pricing information will be available to the public on Sigwo Technologies’ website after the new site is completed. For now, I’m discussing pricing with the businesses that are interested via email and in person. Pricing is competitive with other PCI-compliant centralized storage products. Apologies for the new site not being completed, as I have been focused on Jupiter’s Tit...

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