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Darcrus is swapping to Waves Platform. Bittrex to take snapshot Sept 15, 2017

Darcrus Swap — Nxt DAR to Waves DAR

We’re excited to finally share with our community that the swap details have been finalized with Bittrex. On September 15th, the exchange will facilitate a snapshot of users’ balances. Any account containing DAR (nDAR) will be automatically credited with the new token (wDAR) at a 1:1 swap ratio.

Deposits must be confirmed by September 15th at 6:00pm PDT (September 16th at 1:00am UTC) and any transactions not confirmed (including ‘pending’) will not be eligible for the swap on Bittrex. Please ensure you get all your Darcrus to Bittrex prior to the swap deadline.

The article can be found here and is also quoted below:

Darcrus (DAR, Nxt asset ID 13239408659357180542) will be swapping from the Nxt blockchain to the Waves blockchain with asset ID K5JcgN8UdwNdh5sbdAuPMm5XEd5aFvoXaC3iHsHVz1d.

Users’ Darcrus exchange balance totals will reflect the same total that they had prior to the swap in a 1:1 manner. The old Darcrus tokens will no longer be supported or be traded on Bittrex.

Bittrex will enable the new Waves asset DAR market when we and the Darcrus team agree the migration is satisfactory.

Note: Bittrex will be closing our DAR wallet and stop trading the token to take accurate snapshots of balances. If any DAR deposits you had sent to Bittrex are not settled (e.g. marked as pending) by 6:00 pm PDT on 9/15/2017 (1:00 am UTC on 9/16/2017), you may not be credited with DAR.

We would like to thank the Darcrus team for working closely with us.

Further information:

Community voting results for swap approval

Besides the Bittrex swap our team will provide an additional swapping option, which gives you the possibility to swap your Darcrus until December 31st, 2017. Any Darcrus not claimed before that date will be donated to the Darcrus development and marketing fund. You can swap by using our server at https://swap.darcr.us and you can use our Sigwo T...

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