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Understanding MKR Migration

So I opened a CDP back in 2018 and stuffed it full of collateral and forgot about it. Now I came back to migrate it to V2 and the migration just gave me ETH back. I am looking at the old CDP and it looks like its still open but when I click on the owner I see the closing transaction listed (The migration that gave me 15ETH). My question is it says I had 20 eth in the CDP with a debt of \~1100 but I only got 15 and some change out. Can anyone explain to me what happened here ? Was I liquidated at some point (there was a point on the graph that came suuuper close but I dont think it was crossed) and I dont see any record of such an event and I would expect there to be way less ETH out if that was the case. My CDP: [https://mkr.tools/cdp/587](https://mkr.tools/cdp/587)
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