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October 5- Governance Polls

Hi Guys, please see below governance polls **Base Rate Adjustment >>** [here](https://vote.makerdao.com/polling-proposal/qmcip7sxm4crb7hpdmk5rcnjuwcpmcnfswz4jzkluuyw65) **Add ETH-B Vault type >>** [here](https://vote.makerdao.com/polling-proposal/qmzvcsx9lkpejp8xpxsvkvvfot8anarmdq17afjdbbu3wu) The proposed initial Risk Parameters for ETH-B are: * Stability Fee: 6% * Debt Ceiling: 20,000,000 * Liquidation Ratio: 130% * Auction Lot Size: 50,000 DAI * Minimum Bid Increment: 3% * Bid Duration: 6 hours * Max Auction Duration: 6 hours * Liquidation Penalty: 13% * Dust: 100 Dai **Take a more Flexible and Transparent Approach to Collateral Onboarding >>** [here](https://vote.makerdao.com/polling-proposal/qmvazjqnlxuewwgtet9dyfkrnyhuxim6grpp8ufafm3gxf) The changes to the collateral onboarding process can be summarized as such: * Suspend the usage of MIPs 8, 11 and 12 effective immediately. Suspend the parts of MIP 10 directly related to collateral onboarding. * Explicitly allow collateral onboarding to be a flexible process that can adjust to the demands of reality. * Publish and maintain a single public document (initially a spreadsheet) with all greenlit (and possibly other) collateral types listed and prioritised according to the varying risks and benefits of each. * Provide Foundation-funded grants for collateral onboarding to allow the community to take more of a role in this process.
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