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New prediction markets live on sight.pm beta: Spotlight on MakerDAO stability fee, Maximum Global Dai Available, and more

In October, the [Sight prediction market platform](https://sight.pm) private beta was released, and in the three markets, trading already surpassed **8900 DAI**. Learn more here: [https://sight.pm](https://sight.pm). During the private beta, new rounds of prediction markets on blockchain ecosystem development will be opened every two to four weeks. Yesterday, **three** new markets went live shining a spotlight on the MakerDAO community, with more to come soon: [**Will the Maximum Global Dai Available be greater than 99,330,500 Dai on 14 November 2019 at UTC 12:00:00?**](https://sight.pm/0x078905a51efb905e64465b944ecf993f6cc200fe10d681b5bebce38ccf7474f2/#/) [**Will the USD price for 1 MKR be above 590.00 USD on 14 November 2019 at UTC 12:00:00?**](https://sight.pm/0x5fe22d37a37cb868752c35eef7f439dadda174bf95faad0f95b940cd2e3a6c72/#/) [**Will the MakerDAO Single Collateral Dai stability fee be greater than 5.50% on 18 November 2019 at UTC 12:00:00?**](https://sight.pm/0xbb4a5dda9cf9d439f1d26166df98c23dc681c28a5f9a88cee4802d80aa5880eb/#/) In this round, we’ve incorporated feedback and are experimenting with shorter prediction market timeframes. **All of the markets above will be closed before 19 November 2019.** **If you’re ready to trade on Sight, sign up for the mailing list** [**here**](https://gnosis.us13.list-manage.com/subscribe?u=1a123436baa68728b8cfa3402&id=61f94000b9) **to receive information on how to join the private beta release. We're looking forward to talking with you about developments in the MakerDAO community.**
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DAI : King of Stablecoins ?

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DAI : King of Stablecoins ?

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