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[Agenda/Discussion] Scientific Governance and Risk - Thursday, January 16 9AM PST (5:00 PM UTC)

# Agenda ## Governance Segment - [Richard Brown](https://twitter.com/richatmakerdao): General Q&A - LongForWisdom: ‘Governance at a Glance’ - [Mariano Conti](https://twitter.com/nanexcool): Maker Burn ## Risk Segment - [Cyrus Younesssi](https://twitter.com/cyounessi1): Debt Ceilings - [Primoz Kordez](https://twitter.com/PrimozKordez): Migration Status - [Vishesh Choudry](https://twitter.com/visavishesh): State of the Pegs - Derek Flossman : Current thinking about Tax ## General Q&A We'll open the floor for any questions about Scientific Governance and Risk. Please join us and help shape the future of the MakerDAO. ## Links - [Video/Voice](https://zoom.us/j/697074715) - [Dial-in](https://zoom.us/u/acRbIMDvK) - [Calendar](https://calendar.google.com/calendar/[email protected].google.com&ctz=America/Los_Angeles)
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