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Why I Think MCO will create the greatest value

I thought I would post my opinion and view in regards to why I think MCO is going to be quite valueable going forward and is going to create the most value for holders. The simple understanding is that the primary function of MCO is for cards which is true, and that these cards give access to various perks such as cash back, airport lounge access etc. The idea I think quite a few people do not really realize or put weight upon is the "hidden" message in earn interest rates. When MCO private was announced, they mentioned an additional 2% interest in deposits in crypto earn which is quite amazing and going forward, the impression I have received is that MCO is essentially an indirect method of sharing profit (dividends) without classifying as a security through high interest rates that may not really represent the market situation in general. Before going any further, I am more specifically talking about interest in terms of stable coins. Simply put, MCO has a limited supply and crypto earn has a limited deposit, this suggests that the company has already calculated scenarios that there can only ever be XXXXX max cost in interest paid per period in stable coins. It is my feeling that MCO is in fact a tool (exclusive membership) for sharing of some company revenues without becoming a security through the idea of constant high interest rates on earn even if the market may be lower or it may not be justifiable to have such high rates. The idea here is that as long as the company is a going concern, there should not be any decreases to the interest rates in regards to stable coins. Everyone strives for constant passive income and in my opinion MCO is probably going to be the golden egg of that space with limited seats. I personally believe the 50k and 5k tiers will provide exclusive "stable" interest rates for stable coins whereas the interest may fluctuate on lower tiers. As for interest in other crypto assets, it could very well be these are adjusted depending on...
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