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Among the many technological advancements (check out “Understanding Blockchain & Cryptocurrency) to sweep into the modern world, the rise of has been swift and powerful; essentially reshaping the way the financial economy operates. Long gone are the days of brick and mortar payments when customers would have to go to the bank or keep money on hand for every single payment, now with the ease of access cryptocurrency and such exchange sites provide. Proponents on each side of the spectrum have voiced their opinions both in support and disapproval in terms of digital payments. Whether or not every financial influencer supports no one can deny that the site’s introduction has caused a paradigm shift. 

   The rise of started not long after the cryptocurrency itself was created but not as a financial service provided by banks and credit unions. began when commodity and goods companies started giving their customers plastic cards that they could use to make purchases. and the products on it often compete with credit cards. As mentioned by Johnson Hur in the article History of Credit Cards, “These cards were small-scale at first. The cards were only accepted at the store to which the card belonged. Only a small number of stores even accepted the cards. These payment systems started to appear in larger cities and were rarely seen in smaller towns” (Hur, 2017, p. 1). Interestingly enough in regard to’s practical uses, such businesses began providing them not as a way to make customers spend more money than they had, but to build brand loyalty (Hur, 2017). This is stark in contrast to the banks and corporations such as Wal-Mart that exist today who provide services to consumers ...

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