Trying to send CRO from DeFi wallet back to app...Cronos "Cronos" vs Cronos "CRO"?

self.Crypto_com2m ago
So lets say I am sending my total balance of 1200 CRO from DeFi wallet back to app because I wanna buy more ETH and FTM on there. I claimed my stake rewards 131 CRO. Now when I send CRO on "Cronos" I have a balance of 1069 to send and on "CRO" I have 131 to send, which I can assume are the stake reward claims amount. I thought they were the same, what's the difference here, what am I missing? No "issue" so to say because I can send all and etc, but can someone explain the technical details to me. I'm quite new and don't have a lot of free time to spend researching crypto I mostly just swing trade to make money.