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Thinking of withdrawing

From blockfi to all in CDC but I’m indecisive. What’s stopping me is “don’t put all your eggs into one basket”. I’m in USA. I have the 5000 MCO tier icy white card. Plus reporting taxes is important. I’ve been using and they’re compatible with CDC so that’s a headache saver. Looking at the higher interest rates plus that 2% interest extra MCO can add up. I tried using bitcompare but they don’t consider the extra interest from CDC’s MCO staking tiers. CDC really looks like they have a solid roadmap ahead and they’ve been delivering along. Soon DeFi platforms and credit cards coming in the future. Though blockfi said credit cards in the future too but eh I don’t really care about that right now. Who’s had experience with this and what’s it like? Best decision for you? I know it’s up to me in the end. I really trust CDC and have been with them for a long time through thick and thin times for years.
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