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Some problems: Netflix charging in wrong currency

I received my Royal Indigo card in Spain a couple of days ago, and today I have been trying it. I subscribed to Netflix using the card. I did so via PayPal because I read somewhere that there could be issues with regions if subscribing with the card directly. When I subscribed, both Netflix and Paypal showed the price in Euros, as normal as that's the currency I use. But for some reason, the card was changed in GBP, and a commission was charged for the exchange. The email I got from Paypal shows the price in EUR, no mention of GBP, but there is a text saying "To complete this transaction, we converted the payment amount to the currency of your card based on our agreement with you. PayPal's currency conversion fee is added to the exchange rate", etc. To try to find why I was charged in GBP, I checked the app. My card only has EUR inside, not GBP (and for the GBP change, some EUR were converted to GBP which I guess PayPal then converted back to EUR, crazy). The card also clearly list "Card Currency: € EUR". Then I went to both Netflix and Paypal, but there's no mention of GBP anywhere, Netflix just says that my payment is 11.99 EUR per month, and PayPal doesn't make any mention of GBP either. Neither of them seem to have an option to change the currency of the payment. So then, why was I charged in GBP and how can I avoid this in the future? Would setting the card directly (rather than PayPal) as means of payment in Netflix help, or will I get region problems due to my Netflix account being from Spain, as I read somewhere? How about Spotify, will I get the same problem if I do the same thing? On a different note, does anyone know how long it takes to receive the rebate for the payment to Netflix? At the moment I received the 3% cashback but no rebate. Thanks in advance!
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