So is CDC really going to hold my funds hostage for 13 days?

self.Crypto_com1m ago
I deposit about 5k into CDC on Saturday, 4/2. I was able to purchase crypto via instant deposit, but any withdrawals I've attempted to make say that the funds are still "pending." I reached out to support and was told "7 business days." As of the end of today, it's been 7 full business days and I am still unable to withdraw. So- why does this take so long, when other platforms (Voyager, Gemini, etc.) don't take nearly as long to "process" my deposit? What is the rationale for this, and do I have legal recourse as they told me 7 business days and I'm still unable to withdraw? I really wish I wasn't forced to use this company, but unfortunately it's my only source of purchasing native LUNA and USDT at the moment. Anyone else experience anything similar to this?