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Recap of Live AMA with Witek Radomski, Co-founder & CTO of Enjin and Ilija Rolovic, CMO of Enjin

On the 22th of June 2020, our Community Manager Damian had a Live AMA session with Witek Radomski, Co-founder & CTO of Enjin and Ilija Rolovic, CMO of Enjin.

Damian: Welcome to Enjin x Community AMA! Today we are welcoming our guest from Enjin - Witek Radomski, Co-founder & CTO of Enjin & Ilija Rolovic, CMO of Enjin.

Witek: Hey guys, I'm Witek the co-founder and CTO of Enjin. I'm a futurist and I'm very interested in how people interact with digital assets and their virtual identities.

For the last few years at Enjin we have been hard at work making decentralized assets more accessible to gamers, the public, and developers. We created Enjin Coin in 2017 to serve as a liquid utility token that becomes staked into each digital asset you tokenize - and ENJ will continue to be woven into much of Enjin's ecosystem in the future.

We've focused on video games since the early days, since game developers will be early adopters in harnessing and monetizing the concept of verifiable scarcity, but our technology and vision has massive potential in most other industries as well.

Ilija: Howdy everyone, my name is Ilija and I'm your friendly neighborhood Chief Marketing Officer @Enjin_Coin. I'm a hardcore gamer, coffee addict, passionate Trekkie, a gaming industry veteran, and have been leading Enjin's marketing department since late 2017.

Our mission at Enjin is simple: to make it make it easier for everyone to create and experience video games of the future, which is why we've created a product ecosystem fueled by Enjin Coin.

Damian: Thanks for your introduction, Witek and Ilija. It's a pleasure to meet both of you. Now let’s jump into the Q&A section!

Why use ENJ as a reserve? Wouldn’t it be more practical to use stablecoin?

Witek: Enjin Coin is staked inside each unit of ERC-1155 assets minted. This gives the item itself liquidity and immediate tangible value in the di...

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