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Recap of Live AMA with’s CEO Kris Marszalek - May 22, 2020

Eric: Hello, everybody and welcome to the AMA. Hope you are keeping well and staying safe wherever you are during these challenging times has been now more than two months since our last spiritual meetup. And quite a few things have happened. First of all, we hit the 2 million user milestone earlier this month only six months after reaching 1 million users. We also rolled out our visa cards in the UK and Europe and just got the green light for Canada. We integrated the pay solution with Ledger and launched pay invoices for merchants. We also partnered with the economist and it on an exciting research project about digital currency. We increased our crypto insurance coverage to 360 million dollars and release the Wallet giving users full control over their money I cannot be more proud of what the team has accomplished over the past few months, working remotely relentlessly to deliver on our ambitious roadmap to bring cryptocurrency to every wallet. Over the last few days, we have received and conducted a great set of questions from the community. And Kris our CEO can't wait to go through them. So let us begin. Hi, Kris. How are you?

Kris: I'm good. Thanks, Eric, for this fantastic intro. And first of all, thank you for supporting the community for supporting us on this journey from a million to 2 million users. I mean, it's been only six months, but what a ride it was. And of course, huge thanks to our team for delivering incredibly well against the roadmap we published in November last year, in spite of the COVID pandemic and the fact that we've been working from home since basically January 25. So phenomenal results, very pleased with the progress that we're making and with the fact that against the backdrop of a global crisis, scripted calm, is not only keeping pace, they're actually accelerating how we move against our roadmap. And it's been possible because we've also grown a little bit as a comp...

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