Particle B has now rebranded to Cronos Labs

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Introducing Cronos Labs

Cronos Labs

We are pleased to announce that the Cronos Web3 startup accelerator and ecosystem development fund, formerly known as “Particle B”, will now be operating under the brand “Cronos Labs”.

Launched in November 2021, the Cronos chain has experienced spectacular traction to date and has spawned a massive ecosystem.

As Cronos gained importance in the Web3 universe, we felt that users, developers and partners could benefit from a simplification of the brands associated with the Cronos ecosystem.

In February 2022, announced that “ Coin” ($CRO), the utility token of the Chain and the Cronos EVM Chain, had been re-branded to Cronos ($CRO).

In March 2022, the chain continued its upwards trajectory and exceeded various milestones across multiple core metrics such as TVL, total transactions, and unique users: (Figures below are as of March 31, 2022)

All-time high TVL of $4.34B on March, 70% increase from Feb Over 505,000 unique wallet addresses, 25% increase from Feb Over 9,000 CRC-20 tokens minted, 90% increase from Feb >150 projects live on Mainnet Beta (Feb: 130 projects) 12 DeFi protocols with over $20 million TVL (Feb: 9 protocols) $220 million IBC 30-days volume in and out of Cronos

As of April 2022, the Cronos Web3 startup accelerator and ecosystem development fund (formerly known as “Particle B”) will start operating under the brand “Cronos Labs”. Existing teams and programs remain in place.

This change will help to enhance the visibility of the Cronos ecosystem with:

Cronos — the open-source blockchain protocol, and first EVM-compatible blockchain built on Cosmos SDK. Cronos ($CRO) — the cryptocurrency, used as native token by both the Cronos chain and the chain. Cronos Labs — the team, Web3 startup accelerator and ecosystem development fund focused on growing the Cronos ecosystem.

During the coming weeks, Cronos Labs will announce a range of ecosystem development activities, such as:

Continued ecosystem grants and strategic protocol integrations that benefit the Cronos ecosystem as a whole. A structured accelerator program for Web3 startups. A hackathon focused on GameFi (blockchain games).

For up to date Cronos news, your first ports of call remain the Cronos website ( and Twitter account (@cronos_chain).

Additionally, Cronos Labs is introducing the website and Twitter account (@cronos_labs) for accelerator-specific updates and job openings.

Stay tuned !

The Cronos Labs team.