Open banking api - budgeting apps

self.Crypto_com1m ago
Is there list of budget apps which support open banking api? support [page]( lists they're using the open banking api provider salt edge. I've tried to find a list of budgeting apps that use salt edge and saw that the apps toshl & budgetbakers are listed on salt edge website. So I checked out toshl first, first impressions is that it was extremely easy and secure to setup with when setting up I was redirected to a subdomain of and asked for my app email, 2fa email code and passcode. After that was given the option to download all of my cards transactions from all time or a specific date. Only critique of this app is that it's more of an expenses tracking app rather then a budgeting app and there is unfortunately a membership fee involved in using this app which may deter some people. After spending some time with toshl I then downloaded budgetbakers app which is called simply "Wallet". This app is more focused as a budget app, there are plenty of various graphs and stats available here. Unfortunately though I haven't been able to find which European country they support in. I checked this subreddit and a comment that says that it works in Malta or Lithuania. Neither of this countries worked for me. I also spent more time then I would like to admit cycling through the various countries to see if they support I've reached to budgetbakers support and will leave a comment when I hear back. Is there any other budget apps that support open banking api with